Do You Know the Benefits of Staying in a Five Star Hotel?

When choosing a hotel you will find that some countries work on a star system. This means that hotels are rated in terms of their facilities, their services, their rooms and their service and these ratings are given from one star up to a full five stars. You may be wondering what the benefits are to staying in a five star establishment. The benefits are extensive and include:

Elegance and Luxury

One of the things you are guaranteed when staying in a five star hotel is that you are ensured of staying in an elegant and luxurious guest room which is well-appointed and offers you all the modern conveniences that you need an expect. Five star hotels ooze luxury and is a place where you expect to stay and be treated like royalty.


With a hotel that carries five stars, you will find that your comfort is their priority. They have selected the finest quality beds to ensure you have a restful sleep. Their housekeeping teams clean each room paying close attention to detail to ensure that you always ensure a clean room free of dirt and dust. They do what they can to accommodate your particular needs, whether you have mobility needs or dietary needs, they will go out of their way to ensure your comfort level is met at all times.

Superior Services

One thing you can be assured of when staying in a hotel that boasts five stars is that you will receive a first class service from every member of the team. From the management teams to the cleaning teams and the front of house teams to the kitchen teams, every team member is focused on providing surprise guest services ensuring that they surpass their guests expectations and no ask is too big or too small.

Top facilities and services

Another benefit of a five star hotel is that they always provide the best facilitates and services. When you stay in a three star hotel, you may get to enjoy some of these facilities and services, but when staying in a five star luxury hotel, you are guaranteed to have all the facilities and services you need at your fingertips during your stay.

Some of the facilities and services you can expect to enjoy when staying at a five star hotel includes a twenty four hour reception desk, twenty four hour room service, a concierge service and housekeeping service. In addition to this, these hotels have their own on-site restaurant and bar, a wellness centre, indoor swimming pool and fitness centre to name a few.

Get pampered

When you book into a five star hotel for your next holiday, you want to sit back, put your feet up and relax. You don’t want to have to work, whether it’s making the bed, cooking for the family or making a dinner reservation. When you stay at a hotel of this calibre, all of this is done for you, so you can really get pampered, enjoy your time off and go home relaxed and rejuvenated.

You pay for what you get

Staying in a five star hotel will be more expensive than a three or four star hotel, but at the same time you will find that you will be paying for what you get. Five star luxury and comfort is unrivalled if you choose the right hotel. Choose wisely, read previous guests feedback and then make your final decision based on what you have learned about the hotel and the services that they provide.

Things to See and Do in Beautiful Paphos, Cyprus

Experience Paphos, Cyprus.

Looking to see what Paphos, Cyprus has to offer? Here are just a few things to see and do on your next vacation to this truly wonderful part of the world.

Located at the south- west end of Cyprus, between the Troodos Mountains (A must see) and the Mediterranean Sea.

Every year it attracts thousands of tourists. The incredible history of the surrounding areas is well worth indulging.

Aphrodite Rock – the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love. Aphrodite Rock (AKA The Rock of Love) This landmark is well worth a visit with its stunning views and interesting history. A visit here is included in one of the safari jeep tours of the Akamas trail.

When is the best time to visit Paphos?
Any time but this will depend upon your personal preferences, whether it be the baking hot weather (August being the hottest) and amazing beaches or the local history of the Island. There is something to pacify all ages for all seasons.

Scheduled and charter flights go direct to Paphos international airport, which is located around 20/30 minutes away by car from the main town. If you’re not one for hiring a car, then don’t worry as buses run every hour from Paphos airport to the town during the summer months.

Things to do and see in Paphos.
Beaches. There are many beautiful beaches in Paphos as it covers 50KM of coastline with around 27 beaches. Some of these include Faros light house beach, Geroskipou municipal beach, Laourou beach and by far the best beach in my experience Coral bay. Coral Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches with golden sand in Paphos. It can be a starting point to discover other stunning places like the Troodos mountains or the fishing villages of Latchi and Polis. Coral Bay’s blue, warm, crystal clear waters are excellent for swimming, diving and many other water sports as well as perfect photography. Some of the best hotels and restaurants are located here with some truly wonderful Cyprus delicacies to feast up on.

Parks and wildlife.
Paphos has a pleasant subtropical climate which is conductive to a large variety of plant and animal life. It has its fair share of parks and beautiful gardens. Paphos also happens to have the third largest bird collection which includes parrots, emus, ostriches, swans etc. They also have a large collection of domestic and wild animals such as monkeys, giraffes and tortoises etc. Some of the parks include Eleouthkia park with stunning views and gardens and one of the main attractions is Paphos zoo. In a natural setting with lakes, ponds and immaculate gardens, housing a large variety of birds and animals from around the world. There are opportunities for the children to interact with rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and goats. The zoo also has daily educational and entertaining shows showing off acrobatic owls and the parrot show.

Other amazing things to do in Paphos include visiting Aphrodite waterpark, wine tasting, Tombs of the kings, wildlife diving experiences, ship wreck diving experiences, sea fishing, boat tips to see other stunning views including the sea caves.

If you are after a truly unforgettable experience a must see is the Troodos Mountains via jeep safari. Travel deep inside the islands interior to see and experience villages and forested landscapes not often visited by the average tourist. You will travel on adventurous small asphalt roads and well maintained dirt tracks to bring you close to nature and Cyprus’s culture. Our trip included picking grapes fresh from the vines, pomegranates from the trees and cracking nuts along the roadside.

On this jeep safari expect the following:

4×4 on/off road adventure through diverse and rapidly changing landscapes
Short walks through ethnic villages with narrow streets and amazing stone architecture, spectacular views and the chance to visit Kafeneion for a traditional Cyprus coffee
Light candles in a medieval stone built church
Visit a natural 20M mountain waterfall with ice cold water which relaxes both body and soul
Have the chance to see Lefkara village, renowned over the world for its silverware and handmade lace
Visit the Troodos botanical gardens

Special interests: Traditional architecture, forestry, botany, high altitudes, medieval churches.

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Discovering Dhaka: A Guide for First-Time Tourists

Would you like an escape from today’s fast-paced lifestyle? Are you willing to visit a place that may be radically different from the world’s most talked about tourist attractions, that even the word “exotic” will seem like a terrible understatement? Then gear up and pick an Asian destination! Pack your bags, get together with a group of friends or family members, and book a trip to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh at a Glance

Bangladesh is located in Bengal, which is the eastern region of South Asia. The modern-day Bangladeshi speak Bengali, an Indo-Aryan language that is also spoken by the people of West Bengal, an Indian state, and some parts of two more Indian states – Tripura and Assam.

Going on a vacation will not only allow you a much-needed break. Learning everything you can about a new place is stimulating and enriching. So to make the most of your trip, take time to explore several of the must-see tourist attractions in Bangladesh. Let’s start with Dhaka, the capital city.


The city in itself is a melting pot of commercial, industrial, educational, and political activity. The sight of rickshaws in a place that is reeking of progress is proof that it has remained true to its heritage, and lends a certain mystique that the worldliest of travelers will find intriguing.

Why Go to Dhaka?

The most compelling reason? Dhaka offers a unique experience that’s very diverse from the West, and there’s a place and an activity to suit every type of traveler.

Wari in Old Dhaka boasts of the Baldha Garden, the brainchild of the late Narendra Narayan Roy, which was Baldha’s landlord. Established in 1904, the garden’s vast collection of indigenous and exotic plants will have botanists and naturalists delighted.

If you want an escape from the chaos of the city, the National Botanical Garden, spread out on 205 acres of land in Mirpur, will provide a safe haven. Hit two birds (no pun intended!) with one stone by learning about local and foreign animals at Dhaka Zoo, which is situated next to the Garden.

For the historian and lover of literature and the arts, as well as the dilettantes, start with the Bangladesh National Museum at the suburb of Shahbag. The Museum hosts an interesting exhibit of paintings and sculptures from the Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist periods. Right next door is a public library.

The pleasure seeker may avail of discounted services at a spa, while shoppers may look for the best buys at Bashundhara City, which houses South Asia’s largest shopping center and closest replica to Asia’s sprawling malls.

Where Should You Stay?

You must make it a priority to look for a place where you can be assured of comfort. If you’re on a budget, there are hotels that charge lower-than-usual rates, but don’t conform to extremely high standards of cleanliness. Also, you have to settle for amenities that offer only minimal convenience.

If you can afford to spend more, look into furnished apartments, guesthouses, or flats where a number of guests can share accommodation expenses. If you’re combining business with pleasure and going with your colleagues from the workplace, there are luxury hotels like Hotel Milina, located at the sixth sector of Uttaka, with a trained staff to assist you in planning your corporate events.

Safety is Crucial

Going on a trip is almost equivalent to having an adventure, and your excitement may cause you to overlook safety measures. Secure whatever bags or personal belongings you may own. Dhaka is far from being a dangerous place, but just like any large and bustling city, it’s not completely devoid of crime, and incidents of bag-snatching while riding a rickshaw have been reported by tourists.

While this has not been an exhaustive list about everything that you can explore in Dhaka, this guide will help you course through the nitty-gritty details of planning your trip.

Why Nepal Should Be on Top of Your Bucket List

Nepal – home of the world’s largest mountain peak, is country surrounded by land on all 4 sides. Due to its surrounding countries (China and India), Nepal shows a diversity in culture like no other place. Along with that the country has high populations of Hindus and Buddhists and also adapts its culture from Tibet. This country in all its essence is rich in culture and is still close to nature. During the British reign of the sub continent, Nepal acted as a strong buffer between the colonies in India and the Imperial China. The country is divided into seven small states. The country has a lot to offer to tourists and peace seekers alike and if you fall in one of these categories, this is what you should do when you go to Nepal: (Pro-travel tip – Buy some Singapore Airline Miles if you want to save your travel money.

1. You get to ride an Elephant at Chitwan National Park
Ever heard the phrase, ‘Go big or go home!’. This is where you actually get to apply the phrase to real life. The elephant rides here are adventurous and also give you the best seat in the house to view the whole park as you move along. This marshy area is the habitat for many different types of animal species and is a dream come true for any nature enthusiast. The boiling natural water present here is a shock to anyone who believes that Nepal is all about mountains filled with snow.

2. You get to meditate at the Lumbini
For any Buddha enthusiast this place is a sanctuary and the reason for that is the fact that this place was home to one of the most iconic figures in history – The Buddha. This place is known to be peaceful and helps bring out your inner sense of freedom and spirituality. Even if you’re not a Buddhist, you should still give this place a try. You never know how this might help you out. If you have time, it is strongly suggested that you stay a night or two at this place to absorb everything here (including the breath taking temples and sanctuaries).

3. You can visit the base camp of Mount Everest
If you don’t want to experience the whole trek of the world’s largest mountain, that’s okay. You can avoid that and yet still get some experience by visiting the base camp. Good thing is you don’t have to plan for ages before going to visit this place. Take a flight and have a once in a lifetime trekking experience that lasts for 16 days. You’ll also get to meet loads of people who will go on to trek the mountain. And maybe you’ll get motivated to come back next time to do the world’s toughest trek.